Backup care for everyone in your family
Imagine That Family Care
  • Corporate family backup care
Alicia/Anita, just wanted to say a big "thank you" for the amazing service this week. I can't imagine what my week would have been like without your help.
I feel extraordinarily lucky to have your services available to me through my firm. 

- Senior Manager,
Accounting Firm, Toronto

To inquire about making our Family Care services available to your employees, please contact Anita DeVille, President and Managing Director at 416-243-3285.

Corporate Family Backup Care

Employer-sponsored Family Backup Care: This simple to set up and simple to access service is made available as a practical resource to employees, through their employer, for when employees experience temporary disruption in care giving arrangements for their own children, spouses, or parents, or when the work obligations require individual’s presence outside of traditional business hours.

There is no cost to the employer to set up Family Backup Care Program. There are no membership fees. The program is practical and often seamlessly complements employer’s other family-engagement initiatives.  The costs are incurred only when the services are used, and the services are used so that the employee can fulfil their work obligations.

Employers introduce Family Backup Care as part of their wellness programs,  that are aimed at reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. Employees are better engaged, and focused on work, if they know that their loved ones are safe, engaged and professionally cared for. Availability of service significantly reduces stress of employees, at times when regular care arrangements are disrupted, for whatever reason. Practical family-engagement initiatives, such as Family Backup Care attract and retain talented professionals, who are striving for work-life harmony.

Once the service is set up, the employees call us when:
• The regular caregiver is sick or on vacation
• When the child, spouse or a parent is unable to attend regular day activities due to mild illness
• When there are school or other program closures
• When the employee is travelling for business or is having difficulty arranging the time to take their child, spouse or parent to an appointment.

The Corporate Family Backup Care service helps reduce gaps in care and the demands on the employee, as they fulfil their work and family obligations.

Work Events Family Care
This is a time-limited, employer-sponsored family care service option, made available to employees, for a particular event, so that they can attend a holiday party, an awards ceremony, gala, or a mandatory work meeting or event, without having to worry about care arrangements.

Employee Relocation Assistance Service
We assist families who are temporarily or permanently relocating to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, due to work.   More specifically, we are available to consult with families and employers about public and private school options available to them in their desired neighbourhood, resource for individuals with special needs, resources for adults with special needs, resources for elderly.  We are available to investigate availability and suitability of different venues, as well as assist with applications, referrals and scheduling of activities, as the family settles into their new neighbourhood.